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Ekonomiczne aspekty secesji. Uwagi na temat gospodarczych efektów secesji w koncepcji Hansa-Hermanna Hoppego

  1. Przemysław Michał Hankus


Economic aspects of secession. Remarks on economic effects of secession in Hans-Hermann Hoppe's approach

The paper examines Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s economic rationale for secession and arguments presented in the works of this thinker in favor of secession. After a brief introduction to his views on the issue in question main drawbacks in his argumentation are being pointed out, conclusions are being drawn and suggestions are being made as to what and where should be changed and fixed in order to make it no longer suffering from inconsistencies and methodological slips as well as presenting more coherent set of claims.

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22/4, 2016

Strony od 25 do 33

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