Gender directive jako przykład regulacji na rynku ubezpieczeń życiowych w świetle austriackiej krytyki interwencjonizmu

  1. Łukasz Jasiń
  2. Dominika Klimek-Smę


Gender Directive as an Example of a Regulation on the Life Insurance Market in the Light of the Austrian Critique of Interventionism

New regulations prohibiting insurers from using gender criterion when determining premiums and benefits in life insurance came into force at the end of 2012. The judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 1 March 2011 caused significant changes in the life insurance market in Europe and in Poland.
    Additionally, a comparative analysis of the valuation of sample life insurance products before and after the adjustment has been made for the purpose of this study. The study presents an analysis of the changes based on the theory of interventionism. The main conclusion is the claim that non-market regulations cause far-reaching consequences disrupting the functioning of free market.

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21/3, 2015

Strony od 9 do 19

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