Lifestyle segmentation of Czech food shoppers

  1. Renata Hrubá ORCiD: 0000-0001-9632-500X


Market segmentation is useful in developing the profiles of consumer segments in order to better understand their behavior. The most commonly-used approaches are applied — a food-related lifestyle (FRL) and the theory of planned behavior. Data from a 2015 nationwide Czech food con­sumer survey (n = 331) of young students were used in a factor analysis to identify sustainability-oriented variables, health-oriented variables as well as social and ethics-oriented variables. These factor scores were used to identify student segments; this was done by means of multilevel latent class cluster analyses. Developing students segments and finding the differences was based on the FRL concept. It can be pointed out that segmentation based on FRL gives good results when dividing consumers into groups, but this has only been verified among young people.


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25/2, 2019

Pages from 53 to 59

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